On-page Search Engine Optimization-Content

On-page Search Engine Optimization-Content

Once you have your meta-tags sorted out, there is only one other aspect of on-page search engine optimization that you need to consider, and that is the content that you feature on your site.

When the search engine robots come to your site, they will scan the content materials that you feature, such as articles, news stories and so on.
When they do so, the objective is to try to work out what it is you are writing about, because this defines what your site is about. For this reason, it is absolutely essential that your content is based around your keyword terms.

As an example, if you have a dog training site, and one of the keyword terms that you are focusing on is dog training accessories, then you should have an article that features this particular keyword phrase several times on a page with a URL something like YourSite.com/DogTrainingAccessories.html.
Having a list of appropriate keywords is an essential element of every aspect of online marketing, because you must always have a list of keyword phrases to hand before you start building your site or promoting it. (For more detailed information on flipping websites as a way to make money on the internet.)

However, keyword research is a subject which merits an e-book on its own, so it is not something I intend to cover here. Try any or all of the following links where (at the time of writing) there are free keyword research guides available:




With your keyword list in place, here is a quick and simple way of mastering the art of creating high-quality, keyword focused content for your site.

Run a standard Google search using the keyword phrase that youre focused on lets continue with dog training accessories for the purposes of the illustration because it is the search phrase that you want to build content around. (Learn more about a great way to make money from home by flipping websites.)

What you have here are the top natural search results for the phrase dog training accessories. This is telling you that these are the sites which Google considers to be offering the best quality information to visitors who are looking for details about this particular subject.

Thus, it is simply a question of visiting the top rated sites yourself, reading what they say, and then re-writing the same materials in your own words, but doing it better! Dont copy word for word that is plagiarism and a very quick way of landing yourself with a lawsuit but there is nothing wrong with rewriting the materials and then adding them to your site, because there is no copyright on information.

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