Off-page Search Engine Optimization-Article Marketing-LSI

Off-page Search Engine Optimization-Article Marketing-LSI

However, the concept of keyword density has become a little obsolete, as Google is now looking at articles in a different way based on a concept known as Latent Semantic Indexing.

Remembering that the importance of keywords to the search engine robots is that they enable them to identify the subject matter of any content materials correctly, the theory of LSI is that certain words or terms go together. For example, according to LSI theory, if you wrote an article about Microsoft then the name of Bill Gates should appear somewhere in that article. The name helps the search robot to qualify the meaning of the article, which is making the Google search algorithm far more accurate.

More and more people are beginning to write articles that are optimized for LSI. This is exactly what you should do as well. (For great information on flipping websites for making money on the internet.)

The way you do this is to write articles that contain two or three closely related keyword phrases. One of these keyword phrases should be a major keyword phrase, while one (or perhaps two, but definitely no more) minor keyword phrases are also included.

To give you an idea of how you would define major and minor keyword phrases, do a keyword search run for dog training using the free Word Tracker keyword research tool.

According to Word Tracker, there are more than 3000 people who are searching Google for dog training related information every day. The majority of these people use dog training as their search term, but all the way down this snapshot of the Word Tracker keyword list, there are plenty of daily searches.

There is no fixed number of how many searches a day you need to justify categorizing a search term as a major keyword phrase, but as an approximate rule of thumb, you can use 1% of the total searches shown at the top of the chart.

So, in this particular example, with just over 3000 searches every day, I would see any phrase with 30 searches and above as a major keyword phrase and anything below that would qualify as a minor term.

However, as youre going to use all of the keyword terms on your list at some time or another, it does not really matter how you mix and match them as long as there are a least a couple of keyword phrases in your article. It is extremely important that the article reads well too. (Learn how you can sell website to earn money from internet.)

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