Off-page Search Engine Optimization-Free Press Releases

Off-page Search Engine Optimization-Free Press Releases

Another highly effective way of publicizing your website is to issue free press releases about your business.

The first thing that you need in order to be able to issue a press release is something newsworthy about your business. While starting a new website or adding a new content page is not the kind of thing that justifies issuing a press release, it should not be difficult for you to think of something that does. (Learn more about a great way to make money from home by flipping websites.)

For example, how about running some kind of contest from your site, and then issuing a press release about that? This is something that you can set up in a matter of minutes but it is something that is nevertheless newsworthy.

When writing a press release, it is important to understand that there is an accepted form for doing so. While some press release sites have a form that needs to be completed in order to submit a press release through that particular site, many require a press release to be submitted in a standard format.
For an example of how a standard press release should look, take a look at this webpage. You can also get a far clearer idea of how to write press releases from this page of the same site, and there is a free press release creation kit available from the Duct Tape Marketing website.

With your press release created, it is simply a question of submitting it to the major online press release agencies such as PRNine, PRLog or Free Press Release for distribution. All of these services will submit your press release to the major online news agencies like Google News, Yahoo News and MSN, and all it needs is for one of these news network sites to give your press release some recognition and you could be well on your way to huge amounts of traffic.

Overall, the key to a successful press release is having something newsworthy to announce. People love contests and competitions, and if you cannot therefore think of anything else, this is always a good fallback option. (Learn how you can sell website to earn money from internet.)

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