Off-page Search Engine Optimization-Reciprocal Links

Off-page Search Engine Optimization-Reciprocal Links

As far as reciprocal links are concerned, there are plenty of online link building resources such as Link Metro that are designed to create reciprocal linking networks which you can join for free. Spend a few hours sending out link invitations to establish yourself as an active member of the linking community, and you should find reciprocal invitations starting to land in your mailbox fairly quickly.

One slight anomaly of establishing a reciprocal link network in this way is that many of the people who send link invitations to you will be in a completely unrelated market. For example, there are many musicians and artists who use Link Metro who are likely to suggest establishing a reciprocal link. (For more detailed information on flipping websites as a way to make money on the internet.)

Some web masters suggest that you should only accept link invitations from people who are involved in your own business, but in my experience, I have not found that this makes any difference.

From what I have seen, it is far more important to establish a reciprocal link network than to worry about where those links come from (unless they are from a site which you really do not want to link to, which sometimes happens). For this reason, unless you have any real objection to a link invitation, I would recommend accepting, because this is the easiest way of establishing a reciprocal link network. (You’ll find great information here about how to flip websites for profit.)

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