Photography Business: All About Kodak Digital Cameras

Kodak digital cameras are produced by an enterprise American cooperation known as Eastman Kodak Company. The 1st recorded digital camera was invented in 1975 by Steven Sasson, who was an electric engineer at Eastman Kodak Company, at that point. The camera produced wasn’t meant for production or photography business, but was for a technical exercise. It weighed 8 pounds, recorded its photos in black and white to a cassette tape and it was regarded as having a resolution of roughly 0.01 million pixels.


Its first image was caught in December 1975, taking 23 mins to capture it. The start of a long line of pro Kodak digital cameras was in 1991 when Kodak brought the Kodak DCS-100 to the market. In part, these digital cameras were based primarily on film bodies often Nikons and employed a 1.3 megapixel sensor. These Kodak digital cameras were priced around about $13,000. Kodak introduced a better version of its prior Kodak digital camera system the Kodak Pro DCS 2 hundred camera, that has electronics and recording capacity ; and the camera was one hand-held unit.


These cameras were first acquired by photojournalists. In 1994, the Apple QuickTake a hundred camera was designed as a Kodak digital camera and supplied by the Kodak Company to Apple computer- this was the first purchaser priced digital camera. Straight after, in 1995, DC40 Kodak digital cameras were introduced as the first consumer priced model by Kodak cooperation.


Then, in 1996, Kodak digital cameras that use compact flash were introduced in the product Kodak DC-25. In 1997, the planet’s first purchaser megapixel digital camera which was a Kodak digital camera- the DC210 was introduced- priced under $1000. After the formation of the first JPEG and MPEG standards in 1998, the move to digital formats was way easier. These standards permitted photographs and video files to be compacted which are simpler for storage. Then Kodak launched its first three megapixel patron Kodak digital cameras- the DC4800 zoom digital camera.


With manual and automated settings for optimum creative control and suppleness, the generally acclaimed point-and-shoot camera was designed. Another brand of Kodak digital cameras was introduced in 2001. This is the Kodak Easy Share photography system of digital cameras, printer docks, accessories, snapshot printers, camera docks, and online print services.


Some of the Kodak digital cameras in this Simple share system called Kodak straightforward share one, uses wifi connection technology ( Bluetooth or Wi-Fi ) to attach from the digital camera to the PC. With such cutting edge and prime quality products, it is not any surprise that Kodak digital cameras even to the modern day holds a top market place in the world of digital cameras and home photography business

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