Info On Teeth Grinding In Sleep: The Causes Of Bruxism

The causes of the condition known as bruxism or teeth grinding in sleep are not always obvious. The truth of the matter is that teeth grinding can develop for a whole number of reasons. Some of them can be of psychological origins, yet some of them are physical, and some of them are a response to some external factors or elements.


Sleep Disorder As A Cause Of Bruxism

One of the main causes why some people are having this kind of condition is sleep disorder. Studies that have been conducted by researchers have shown that many cases of bruxism also occur in people who seem to be woken in the night, suggesting a sleep disorder. Those who have Sleep Apnea are also more likely to develop this one


It Has Something To Do With The Lifestyle

Lifestyle factors also come into play when it comes to such condition. If you tend to drink a lot of alcohol or caffeine then you are more likely to suffer from teeth grinding. It is also more common in those who are fond of smoking and those individuals who take certain types of medications.


Stress and Anxiety As Contributing Factors

Stress and anxiety are also very common factors or elements in cases of bruxism. People who are stressed at work may find it harder to get a good night sleep, and as a consequence of this, they start grinding their teeth in the process. There are times also wherein people can find that their bodies are under stress through illness and so on: all contributing to conditions such as bruxism.


Whatever bruxism causes a certain individual may have, you should always talk to your doctor just to be able to make sure. They may prescribe or give you items such as a night mouth guardto help you in protecting your own teeth. However, if you would want to work on ending your teeth grinding in sleep as well as simply protecting your teeth, I would also recommend that you take a look at the Bruxism Cure Guide that can be found on the world wide web.

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