Off-page Search Engine Optimization-More On Articles

Off-page Search Engine Optimization-More On Articles

What youre doing here is following the age-old theory of advertising, which is to do everything you can to get your prospect to do what you want them to do right now. The bottom line is, if they read your article and dont click on your link to visit your site, then they are never going to do so, so it has to be now or never.

Your article should paint a word picture of just how much they will benefit from following your advice, or what will happen if they dont take the action that you want them to take. Tell them how they can use the product that you are recommending, and how it will enhance their life when they do so.

Finally, make sure that you tell them why they have to do it now, and what to do in order to take action. You might be surprised to see how many people will take action as long as you instruct them to do so and tell them exactly what they have to do.

However, while you build up to the final call to action throughout your article, you do not include the final instruction of what your reader should do to take advantage of whatever it is you offering in your article. This may sound a little strange, but bear with me for a moment, and it will all become clear.

All of the articles that you create in this way are going to promote your business because you are going to submit them to article directories. When you do so, you have to upload certain supporting information. (Learn more about a great way to make money from home by flipping websites.)

You have to submit a two or three sentence summary of your article.

Many would-be article marketers are very lazy and are content to use the first two or three sentences of their article for this short summary, but this is a big mistake.

Some of the article directories are extremely popular with the search engines, as (for example) articles from the leading directory site, EzineArticles regularly appear in the Google top 10 search results.

When this happens, the short summary you add to your upload is the description shown on the results page (in black) directly beneath the title (in blue):

Consequently, if your description is not persuasive and hard-hitting, there is a very good chance that the searcher will ignore your site to look elsewhere, so using the first two or three sentences of your article as your description is a very poor choice.

Next, you have to add a list of keyword phrases. Most sites limit the number of characters you can use, but use as many of them as you can by listing as many keywords as you can think of.
Finally, you have to add the Resource box, which is a short description of you and your business. Most article authors use the resource box in exactly this way they will add some information about themselves or their business. You should not do it this way, because there is a far more powerful and effective strategy.
You should write your resource box as if it is the last paragraph of your article, the paragraph in which you stress that the reader has to do something, now. (You’ll find great information here about how to flip websites for profit.)

You do this because it is only in the resource box that you can include links to your site, with a general rule being that you can include up to three active hyperlinks. I would recommend that you include one hyperlink that is the URL of the page that you want the reader to visit, and one more hyperlink that is a link contained within the main keyword term that your article is focused on.

Finally, before you upload your article, check whether the directory site you are going to upload your article to accepts photographs, and if they do, whether those photographs are published next your resource box (as they are by EzineArticles):

As you can see, the photograph immediately draws your attention to the resource box area of the page, so you should always do this if possible.
With your article ready to upload, you have a choice of how you upload your article materials.

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