Off-page Search Engine Optimization-Networking With Forums

Off-page Search Engine Optimization-Networking With Forums

The next step is to find forum and noticeboard sites in your market, because forums are sites where people with the same interests come together to discuss, debate and ask questions about the particular topic that interests them. If you can find active forums where people who are already interested in your niche congregate, you already have a captive market of people who are naturally interested in what you have to say. (Check out this site on how to sell a website at

In order to find these sites, the most effective first step is to search Google, because you know that Google ranks natural search results in order of popularity. This means that the most popular forum sites are automatically listed at the top of the search results page.

You search by appending the topic of your site to the word forum. As an example, if you want to find people who are interested in discussing dog training related matters, you would search dog training forum in Google.

As you can see, there is no shortage of forums in this particular market, so you would simply start at the top of the search results page and work your way down:

You should be looking for two things in a forum or noticeboard site.

Firstly, you need to be involved in a site that is active. The more active the forum is, the more it indicates that the members are enthusiastic and involved in their subject matter. These are the people with whom you most want to communicate and make a connection.

Secondly, you need a forum where you are allowed to add a signature file. A signature file is a short text based advert for your business that is most commonly added to your forum profile so that it can be appended to every posting that you make.

Because most forums do not allow a signature file to be a blatant, in-your-face advert, you have to be circumspect when creating your signature file. However, in many ways this is an advantage because it enables you to be seen as a purveyor of information, rather than as a sales person.

When you find a suitable forum or several forum sites, all you need to do is create a suitable signature file and then get involved. When people ask questions that you can answer, do so, and start your own threads as often as you can.

The major objective is to establish yourself as a go-to expert or authority in your marketplace, a person to whom other people can refer when they need information or assistance. If you can do this properly, there is no need for blatant promotion or advertising because your expert status will sell your product or service on its own. (For more detailed information on flipping websites as a way to make money on the internet.)

The bottom line is, forums are sites where you can sell your product or service without having to do any selling, because people will buy if they know that you know what youre talking about. Hence, it is all about establishing your authority or expertise in your market, and the sooner you start to do that, the more effective it will be.

Forums are great places for meeting other people who are already involved or interested in your own market. Consequently, you know that these people are exactly the kind of folks that you want to draw to your website.

If using Google does not turn up the forum sites youre looking for, try using a forum directory like Big-boards or Forum Showcase to find what you are seeking.

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