Off-page Search Engine Optimization-About PR

Off-page Search Engine Optimization-About PR

DMOZ is the first specific example of a one-way incoming link mentioned in this blog, there are a few additional aspects of linking that you need to understand before we go any further.

Firstly, the Google Page Rank of the page that sends you a link is relevant to the value of that link. If, for example, you have a one way incoming link from a page that has no Google PR, that link is significantly less valuable than one coming from a page that has already acquired PR8.

However, note that it is called Page Rank and not Site Rank. This is for the specific reason that every individual page of a website has its own PR, and internal pages are likely to have a far lower level of achieved PR than the homepage. (For more detailed information on flipping websites as a way to make money on the internet.)

Even though the DMOZ homepage has a PR score of 8/10, the page on which your site will be featured that therefore creates the one-way incoming link to you is likely to have a far lower score.

However, a small degree of the Page Rank power of the homepage is spread throughout the site. So, the PR of the homepage is still slightly relevant as far as the value of the incoming link is concerned.

From this, you can draw two important conclusions.

First, even if you are accepted for the DMOZ directory, there will be a one-way incoming link generated, but it will not have Google PR8 attached to it.
Secondly and in contrast, incoming links from sites that have highly rated homepages are more valuable than incoming links from sites that have no (or low) Google PR.

Remember this latter point in particular, because the notion of generating links from sites with a high Google PR homepage will come up again many times during the course of this report.

To return to the directories – apart from DMOZ, there are quite a few others who will accept free submissions, and as every one of these directories that accept your application will generate a one-way link to your site, and could potentially send visitors, it is worth submitting your details to every free directory.

There are lists of directory sites that will accept free submissions here and here. (For great information on flipping websites for making money on the internet.)

Try to get listed with those that are the highest rated and those that will list your site most quickly, and then work down the list when you have time to do so.

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